Now back at the National Theatre, Michael Longhurst’s production of Amadeus stars Adam Gillen and Lucian Msamati as  Mozart and Salieri. Here’s what critics have made of the production’s return to London… 

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Vienna: the music capital of the world.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a rowdy young prodigy, arrives determined to make a splash. Awestruck by his genius, court composer Antonio Salieri has the power to promote his talent or destroy it. Seized by obsessive jealousy he begins a war with Mozart, with music and, ultimately, with God.

The Telegraph: ***** “Longhurst spins a dazzling sequence of images that conjure up the both the conservatism and decadence of 18th-century Vienna, and so vivid is his juxtaposition of music and action – there is a particularly animated snapshot staging of The Magic Flute in a drinking den – that it makes you yearn to see him take on a full-length opera at Covent Garden.”

The FT: ***** “Even Longhurst’s deft staging can’t disguise the fact that, as the emperor might say, the play has a few “too many words” and tips sometimes into melodrama. But it’s a beautiful production, the inclusion of the musicians eloquently delivering what Salieri, so agonisingly, realises.”

London Theatre1: ***** “Longhurst is aided and abetted in his quest for theatrical perfection by extraordinary performances from the cast.”

The Metro: **** “Where Shaffer’s play is concerned primarily with morality, Longhurst’s revival feels more like a rambunctious ball of comic energy.”

The Upcoming: ***** “Sumptuous displays, a high intensity and compulsively watchable performers ensure that the three-hour running time never leaves a minute for boredom to settle in.”

Culture Whisper: ***** “Amadeus is not merely a reproduction or a homecoming, but a soaring and spirited revival that will be unmissable.”

Evening Standard: **** “How stirring to watch inspiration and manipulation, magic and malignancy, unfold on the sweeping Olivier stage”

A Younger Theatre:  “an exuberant and poignant revival”

The Reviews Hub: **** “It may be nearly 40, but Shaffer’s play is a modern classic and, with its love for Mozart’s music, has plenty of life left in it.”

Theatre Bubble: **** “A beast, yes, and at times rather unwieldy, but Schaffer’s pondrous play has been allowed to take flight in the most magical way due to the delicacy of those handling it. A triumph.”

Theatre Fullstop: **** “the production’s greatest strength is it’s surprising lightness of touch, balancing high drama with a welcome dose of tongue in cheek humour which, combined with some magnetic performances elevated this enjoyable production to something highly memorable.”

British Theatre Guide: “This is a production that is a fast-moving triumph of organisation and integration greatly aided by the fluid movement of Chloe Lamford’s setting and served by a great ensemble that turns every musician into an actor.”

The Times: **** “a masterful revival”

Amadeus continues to play at the National Theatre until the 24th April. For more information and to book tickets visit:



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