Review Round Up: Lady Windermere’s Fan, Vaudeville Theatre

Jennifer Saunders and Samantha Spiro star in this latest Oscar Wilde production, directed by Kathy Burke. Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews… 


The Independent: **** “The show is uneven but there’s a freshnness here that’s very attractive. Recommended.”

The Guardian: *** “This is an uneven production, directed by Kathy Burke, but it has its moments, most particularly when Samantha Spiro’s Mrs Erlynne, discovering an unlikely capacity for self-sacrifice, sadly observes how easily love is killed.”

WhatsOnStage: *** “It is an enjoyable revival, but not a wholly satisfying one.”

Time Out: *** “Burke stacks her show with enough talent to keep things bubbling over, and wrings a bit of contemporary edge out of Wilde’s clearly dim view of self-important toffs with little consideration for women. But ultimately the director doesn’t find a huge amount of emotional resonance.”

The Stage: **** ” there are times when the whole thing tips into caricature but there’s a lot here that’s resonant.”

The Times: **** “Jennifer Saunders is truly memorable in a performance that seems based on Maggie Smith at her haughtiest in Downton, with bits of Edina from Ab Fab thrown in.”

Evening Standard: *** “There are some lovely bits of business in Burke’s production – two men sharing a furtive and lingering cigarette, for example – but she allows the tempo to drop at points.”

London **** “this sparkling production by the actor turned director Kathy Burke at first amused, then fascinated and finally gripped me.”

The Daily Mail: *** “This Wilde season, which is running all year at the (handsomely refurbished) Vaudeville, states the admirable aim of doing honour to Wilde. There are several moments here when director Kathy Burke seems more interested in mocking him.”

British **** ” an engaging and highly entertaining production where the only disappointment is that sometimes the raucousness of the laughter obscures the next line.”

The FT: *** “Alas, Burke and Co. ratchet up the comedy just as Wilde is heightening the drama and sentiment, as the Windermeres and Mrs Erlynne each find that both happiness and morality are more complex matters than they had believed. For me, this is where the production falls on the side of contradiction rather than counterbalance.”

The Telegraph: *** “It’s serviceable enough as a fun night out, then, and fans of Saunders would be mad to miss it, but I’d prefer a production which, to borrow a line from the play, more keenly reminded us we are all in the gutter even as it tantalised us with its star.”

West End Wilma: *** “All in all, it’s a bit of fun if you’re a fan of Jennifer Saunders, but otherwise it feels just too frothy and old fashioned for contemporary audiences.”

London Theatre1: **** “Kathy Burke’s production is witty and enjoyable. Accompanied by a light-hearted score by composer Shane Cullinan, Lady Windermere’s Fan is a well-acted comedy with star casting – a guaranteed West End hit.”

Broadway World: **** “This is a production that relies on arch delivery and eager audience reaction, but it is a very pleasant evening and Saunders is a joy to watch.”

The Reviews Hub: *** 1/2 “Lady Windermere’s Fan offers plenty to enjoy in a fairly conventional but lovingly adapted production that puts the force of women centre stage.”

Lady Windermere’s Fan will play at the Vaudeville Theatre until the 7th April 2018. To book tickets click here  or visit: See Tickets.comLast Minute.comTheatre Tickets and Encore Tickets

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