Review Round Up: Man of the Woods by Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake returns with his latest album which includes the single ‘Filthy’ – but what have critics been making of it? 

man of the woods

The Guardian: *** “But for all its flaws, it’s hard not to be impressed by Man of the Woods. You can hear the effort that went into making it: Timberlake could more easily have churned out an identikit pop album using the same writing and production teams that every identikit pop album calls on, and relied on his celebrity to make it a massive hit. ”

NME: *** “the old Timberlake shines through at all turns – and you know what? We still think he’s ace.”

Time Out: “Timberlake has been touting ‘Man of the Woods’ as a very personal album. If that’s the case, beyond being a little bit flirty and a little bit dirty, we’re not entirely sure if there’s much else going on down there, among the trees…” “What’s strangest, maybe, is that almost nothing on Woods nods to the evolution of pop music in the five years since he last released a record. Once an artist who reshaped the contours of the Hot 100, Timberlake now seems content to ride out his own scenic route, as blithe and unknowable as he’s ever been.”  ” Man of the Woods may offer some surprises, but “modern Americana with 808s” sounds no more “white” than anything else we’ve heard from him thus far. Timberlake couldn’t escape black music even if he wanted to.”

Man of the Woods is released on the 2nd February. 


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