The theatre has announced details of Theatre Maker, a theatre-making hub which will centre around classes, workshops, drop-ins, scratch nights and showcases designed to specifically help people make their own work.


With Theatre Maker, the Cockpit Theatre will bring together a variety of classes together with affordable space hire, showcase opportunities and meet-ups in a scheme designed to appeal particularly to those wanting to create their own work. All of the classes  are designed to be affordable and easy to work around commitments with prices for the six week classes from £80.

Dave Wybrow, Artistic Director of the Cockpit said: “What we most excited about doing, is supporting what we’ve termed “Motivated Theatre” which generally means work that can only be made by the people making it, often characterised by any or all of the following:

  . Those involved take total control of all aspects of a collaborative creative work and bear all the risks. There are no absent stake-holders controlling the boundaries of what can happen on stage, no prior decisions taken by rights-holders elsewhere.

·       The work is about creating more than interpreting and often features the presence of creators/devisors as performers/participators. Often from fields beyond theatre.

·       The work is the product of a shared artistic vision or an effort to evolve one, where the audience is aware of a unique personal or group style.

·       The work is driven by the real-life concerns or experiences of the people making it, as well as their energy and abilities as participators.

·       Creative roles – often including technical roles – are dispersed throughout the company rather than contained within a strict creative or production hierarchy.” 

For those with the most promising ideas, the Cockpit Theatre will then support the work as it evolves – right the way through to a fully fledged production.

The courses and classes are aimed at getting work on stage, with tutors to advise, teach, develop, and support throughout the process. Classes will be designed to help arm participants with creative and practical techniques.  Classes will run weekly for five to six weeks, while workshops will generally be one off,  a full day, or a weekend that focuses, on specific skills.

The subjects for classes are as follows:

·       Create your own One Person Show – Making a one person show from scratch.

·       From Theatre Maker to Film Maker

·       Making Theatre Using Visual & Physical Techniques

·       Making Theatre With Improvisation

·       Making Theatre With Storytelling

·       Making Theatre From Scratch  – Devising from nothing

·       Making Theatre As an Entrepreneurial Artist – understanding business basics and how to market yourself.

Meanwhile, the workshops available include Lighting A Show and  Making a Film In A Day.

For more information about Theatre Maker and what it has to offer visit:



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