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The actor is starring in the new UK tour of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, currently playing at the Rose Theatre in Kingston. He spoke to Love London Love Culture about the production and taking it across the UK… 

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. Ben Jones (Dr Lanyon, Carew). Credit - Mark Douet.jpg
(c)Mark Douet. 

Hi Ben, How are you feeling about the tour? 

I’m excited to be going on the tour. It’s a great company of people to be traveling the country with, and there are lots of theatres I haven’t visited yet on this tour.

What would you say makes David Edgar’s adaptation of Jekyll & Hyde unique to other productions?

I’m not sure I know enough about other productions to comment. But, it has been a real privilege to work with David Edgar on this iteration of his play. I think what stands out for me in this adaptation is how topical so many of the themes are today.

Tell me more about the characters you are playing and how they fit into the story?

I play Dr Hastie Lanyon, who is an old friend of Jekyll’s and is more complicated than he might at first appear. There are secrets in there! I also play Sir Danvers Carew, a politician who has a gruesome encounter with Mr Hyde.

What was it about the story of Jekyll & Hyde that stood out for you and made you want to be involved?

I Love the darkness in it. I think the period lends itself to some of the greatest horror stories in our culture. The dingy street violence. There’s a romance to it and a terror that we can all relate to.

How have preparations for the tour from your perspective been going?

I don’t feel prepared at all! But that’s quite exciting.

What are you enjoying most about being part of Jekyll & Hyde so far?

The people. This is a really special bunch.

What can audiences expect from the production?

A thought-provoking, chilling, thriller.

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde continues to play at the Rose Theatre in Kingston until the 17th February, before continuing to tour across the UK until the 19th May. To find out more about the tour visit:



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