Review Round Up: The Shape of Water

Sally Hawkins stars in Guillermo del Toro’s romantic fantasy film, out in UK cinemas now. Here’s what critics have been saying… 

The Guardian: **** “The Shape of Water is probably Del Toro’s best film so far.”

Irish Times: **** “The Shape of Water still works well on its own middle-stump terms. It’s a lovely thing. We are, however, allowed to hope that Del Toro next turns to something less lovely.”

The Irish News: “Hawkins is luminous and heartbreaking, speaking volumes without saying a word.”

The Telegraph:***** “Like the best bath you’ve ever had, it sends tingles coursing through every part of you that other films don’t reach.”

Empire: ***** “The Shape Of Water is a movie that will grow with repeat watches, quiet side stories getting louder with familiarity.”

The Independent: **** “It goes without saying that audiences will struggle to keep a dry eye when it gets to the film’s heart-tugging final reel.”

The Metro: ***** “It’s a funny, charming and heart-warming tale and most people will find it difficult not to be taken in by it.”

The Daily Mail: “The Shape of Water is a ravishing, sincere and disorientating film, which, on leaving the cinema, feels immediately like something from a half-remembered dream.”

Den of Geek: ***** “Gore and mayhem aside, The Shape Of Water positively hums with humanity and optimism. Classic status surely beckons.”

The Times: ** “Del Toro’s story of an alien fish-man is crass, simplistic and undeserving of its awards buzz.”

Culture Whisper: ***** “Hawkins conveys so much sensitivity and passion through gestures, glances and expressions, that you barely notice the fact that she doesn’t speak for the whole two hours (though she does sign).”

The Shape of Water is in cinemas now. 


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