Interview with… Anna Morris

The comedienne will bring her show Bitchelors to the Soho Theatre from the 19th to the 21st March. She spoke to Love London Love Culture about the uniqueness of the show… 

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Hi Anna, thank you so much for talking to Love London Love Culture – how excited are you about bringing your show to London? 

I am very excited as I love this show and I think the Soho Theatre  the perfect space for it. ​It’s quite theatrical and the cabaret space downstairs is going to make it come alive.

Could you tell me a bit more about the show and what audiences can expect?

Audiences will become the judges at a spoof Woman of the Year Awards. I play all five characters – the host, and the four contestants. The audience get to vote for the winner at the end, and whoever wins comes back on stage so we have four completely different endings to choose from!

Given the fact you have so many characters to play – does it add a lot of pressure in keeping the show going? 

It means I don’t get bored and neither do the audience! It’s a huge challenge as they all have different accents, mannerisms and some have songs and improvised elements. I love pushing myself as performer. It’s very satisfying to pull off a show like this.

Do you have a favourite character in Bitchelors?

My favourite character to perform is Jane Dough, the baker​. She’s the underdog, the lowest status and the most nervous character. I have to keep shaking and sound like I’m constantly about to burst into tears. She’s sweet on the surface but has a dark secret and she’s on the edge…She’s the one who wins the most!

What would you say audiences can take away from the show? 

The show explores the idea of trying to ‘having it all’ as a woman. Each woman is trying to be perfect but it’s impossible, and they’ve all had to sacrifice something in order to get this far. I hope people can relate to it. Audience also get to help pick the ending so they’ll have a show that is unique to them.

You put the audiences at the centre of the show – does that keep you on your toes a lot?

Y​es it does because I never know who is going to win… I get so excited when they vote. It means it’s different every night. In Edinburgh we had a different winner almost every day one week. Some win more than others and it depends on the type of audience we have, how they are feeling and what I’ve improvised for that character on the day.

How would you describe the show for potential audiences?

Four diverse women compete for YOUR vote at a Woman of the Year Awards. A morally dubious Mumtrepreneur, a darkly secretive Baker, a glamorous Foreign Correspondent​ and an Anti-Marriage Activist. Hosted by the Britain’s Biggest Bridezilla, Georgina Francis. Four women, one award, who wins?  YOU decide.

Anna Morris – Bitchelors will be at Soho Theatre from 19th – 21st March. For tickets visit:

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