Review Round Up: Frozen, Theatre Royal Haymarket

Jonathan Munby’s production starring Suranne Jones has officially opened at the Theatre Royal Haymarket. Here’s what critics have had to say about it… 

FROZEN FOLIO (without credits)

One sunny evening a young girl walks to visit her Grandma, she never arrives. A play about retribution, remorse and redemption, Frozen explores the interwoven lives of three strangers as they try to make sense of the unimaginable.

The Independent: **** “Suranne Jones wrenches the heart as a mother who lives in hope for years, drawing strength from her unflagging work for FLAME, a parent’s support group, and who hardens into hatred when the terrible truth comes to light. The performance is unflinchingly truthful and spontaneous. ”

The Guardian: **** ” Bryony Lavery’s play has lost none of its power to shock.”

The Telegraph: *** “The night – provocatively – belongs to Jason Watkins, who gives one of the finest performances of his career as the serial child-killer.”

The Stage: *** “Munby’s production serves to highlight the cracks and flaws in Lavery’s humane, toothsome, and intriguing play, to reduce it as a piece of writing.”

The Times: *** “Frozen is the troubling, compassionate chamber piece that Bryony Lavery wrote in 1998.”

Time Out: *** “Suranne Jones delivers a startlingly conflicted, nuanced performance as Nancy, a mother who loses her 10-year-old daughter Rhona.”

London ** “Instead, its both painfully predictable and predictably painful to watch. Yes, you empathise – you’d be a bad person not to – but what exactly do you gain from watching it? The message seems to be that forgiveness might set you free – but imprison the person who caused you the pain.”

WhatsOnStage: *** “the play is so schematic in its probing of loss and the frozen psychology of both Nancy and the abused and abusive Ralph that it is sometimes hard to get involved.”

Radio Times: *** “it’s well worth seeing for Watkins’ performance alone, a shifty take on the banality of evil that will be hard to forget.”

Broadway World: *** “If ultimately less than the sum of its parts, it’s still a piece that throws up interesting questions, and is here anchored by a strong cast – with Watkins’ performance the one likely to follow you home.”

Culture Whisper: *** “Perhaps it’s desensitization from over exposure to crime dramas, but the portrait of a grieving mother feels too formulaic to reach the gut-wrenching devastation it warrants.”

British Theatre Guide: “Frozen features outstanding performances under the direction of Jonathan Munby, sticking rigidly to the writer’s chosen agenda and covering it well across 2½ torrid but gripping hours.”

The Upcoming: ** “All the ingredients should be there for a gut-wrenching, deeply upsetting evening. Instead Munby’s Frozen feels like a failed attempt at artfully rendering a Sunday night ITV drama on stage.”

Frozen will play at the Theatre Royal Haymarket until the 5th May 2018. To book tickets click here or visit:, Encore TicketsSee Tickets.comLast Minute.comTheatre Tickets  and Love



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