PREVIEW: Dames, Pleasance Theatre

Siberian Lights will bring the world premiere of Dames to the Pleasance Theatre in Islington from the 17th April. 

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This debut play by Charlotte Merriam celebrates females with no filters and tells the story of six dysfunctional millennials who collide, bond and clash.

Bridesmaids with less glamour, Women with less to say, A play with much less humour. Set in a toilet. It’s 2am on some idle Friday. Six women collide in the only place for honesty… a club toilet.

Directed by Jamie Garven, the production is set to star Ellie Heydon, Olivia Elsden, Charlotte Merriam, Arabella Neale, Bianca Stephens and Melanie Stevens.

Talking about the play Charlotte Merriam said: “Dames is about trying to figure out the meaning of life, the point of it all. It’s the bizarre, vibrant, surreal conversation that can only happen in the loo at 2am on a night out. This is a play to make you laugh and cry, love your friends all the more, and make you consider the anxiety and boundaries which block real honesty. ”

Dames is set to feature set and costume design by April Dalton, sound design by Joshua Bowles and lighting design by Ryan Joseph Stafford. It is produced by Siberian Lights and Rachel Kraftman Productions.

Dames will play at the Pleasance Theatre from the 17th to the 29th April. For more information visit:

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