Interview With… Sam Fogell

The actor spoke to Love London Love Culture about appearing in The Comedy About a Bank Robbery… 

comedy about a bank robbery

Hi Sam – how does it feel to be taking on the role of Sam more permanently? Fantastic! Performing on the west end is a dream come true and with a character like Sam you find something new on stage performing everyday.

What do you enjoy the most about The Comedy About a Bank Robbery? There’s a apartment scene in act 1 it requires you and your fellow actors to work together, it’s not a individual performance so working as a team to get the laughs! Also we get to rob a bank!

It is a surprisingly physical show to be a part of – how have you been coping with the physical elements of the production? Rest and recovery time is extremely important! I’ve always done strength training, But lately just making sure I’m lengthening muscles as well!

What would you put the success of the production down to? The Mischief team! The hard work of everyone at the criterion, also it’s just a really good show!

How did you feel when you were asked to join the production?  Very happy!!

Have you got a favourite moment in the show? It’s hard to answer this one because it changes all the time! At the moment I’m really enjoying,What the new cast are bringing to the table it’s a completely different show! With new beats and laughs!

For those who haven’t seen it – what would you say the main reason would be for them to pop along to the criterion theatre?  If you love physical comedy and slip stick shenanigans, while us actors sweat profusely  the show’s for you!

The Comedy About a Bank Robbery is now booking at the Criterion Theatre until the 4th November 2017.To book tickets click here or visit: Minute.comTheatre Tickets Theatre.comSee and Encore Tickets


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