Paperbark Theatre will present its latest show at the King’s Head for two nights only on the 25th and 26th March. 


12-year-old Annie has hit the big time – but she’s no idea how hard it’s going to be. After landing a huge role in a late-night TV drama, she’s left alone in an adult world, struggling to make sense of things she’s told to do and say. Soon, her comfortable childhood begins to fall apart. This darkly comic psychological drama presents a gripping exposé into the life of a child actor.

Written by George Attwell Gerhards, We Need to Talk About Bobby (Off Eastenders) examines the way in which society is fascinated by violent children. The play is written in response to shows and films such as Stranger Things, Game of Thrones (and even EastEnders) – shows which feature children who aren’t old enough to watch the things they are appearing in.

Director Lucy Bird said: “this is a play about how we treat actors, about when artists forget they are humans and use them like props. But it’s also a play about being a teenager, how isolating that experience can be and how poorly we, as adults and guardians, handle opening up difficult conversations with young people about sex, violence and pubescence in today’s society.”

The production is set to star Tara Groves, Sophie Portway and George Attwell Gerhards. Meanwhile, the creative team is formed of: lighting by Amanda Fleming, sound by Mark Scully and is produced by Alex Sikkink.

We Need to Talk About Bobby will play at the King’s Head Theatre on the 25th and 26th March. For more information and to book tickets visit: