PREVIEW: Welcome To The Grand, The Clapham Grand

Jazz House Theatre  will present its new immersive cabaret production at The Grand Clapham on the 30th May and 6th, 13th and 20th June. 

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Jazz House Theatre invites us to step into the shadows of what was once known as classic entertainment, told through the lives of five legendary women who simultaneously submerge us into a haunting new world of immersive cabaret.

Taking audiences through the history of cabaret, this immersive experience begins in 1900 on the streets of Paris, before whisking audiences to New York in 1910 and then to Berlin in 1931 as seen through the eyes of five extraordinary women including: Joan Crawford, Cyd Charisse, Ginger Rogers, Liza Minnelli and Shirley MacLaine – each woman representing one element of cabaret.

Our journey begins in 1900 on the sinful streets of Paris. Inside what was once a grand music hall rings the sound of jazz, pouring in from every corner of the room. A black stage fills with colour as can-can dancers explode into view, dripping in diamonds that dance like stars above our heads. Our evening has officially begun. It’s now 1910, and we find ourselves strolling along the hidden alleyways of New York City. A beautiful display of chorus girls parade up and down stairs, dressed as anything from birds to battleships. Clouds of cigarette smoke descend us into 1924, where Roxie Hart has just been accused of murder. Only the combination of sex, jazz and liquor can comfort such a soul. Our quest continues to the booze soaked roads of Berlin. It’s 1931, and anyone who is anyone is sipping chardonnay at the Kit Kat Klub. Champagne flows freely in the Fandango Ballroom as we’re swept back to America, bouncing in our seats to the sound of the 60s. Sparks fly as the feeling of grandeur hit its peak, and a spiral of magic descends around us. The legends of cabaret have now come and gone, and we’re left wondering if they were ever really there at all.

Welcome to the Grand will take place at The Clapham Grand from the 30th May until the 20th June. For more information visit:


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