This slapstick and ridiculous film marks the directorial debut of Taran Killam but lacks charm and direction. 


Filled with plenty of guns and slapstick-style violence, Killing Gunther on the surface is a comedy very much in style of the Hangover films – with the way in which each situation that the characters find themselves in getting more ridiculous along the way. However, while the Hangover films had plenty of pace and energy behind it, Killing Gunther is sluggish in pace and feels repetitive throughout.

Killing Gunther follows a bunch of resentful hitmen who are attempting to kill the world’s greatest hitman Gunther (Arnold Schwarzenegger) but as each attempt to kill him fails to work – it soon becomes clear that Gunther is always one step ahead of them all.

While even from just watching the opening sequence or even simply the trailer Killing Gunther has the potential to be quite a smart and witty action-comedy – it never reaches its potential due to a completely awful script that relies heavily on jokes that seem repetitive and tired by about halfway through the film and while the cast look as though they are having fun, there is nothing of any real substance here except brief moments of genuinely funny moments which sadly are few and far between.

Even Schwarzenegger fans will be disappointed as although the film is about killing his character – we don’t catch a single glimpse of him until the final section of the film – which by this point is too late to redeem itself.

However, it has to be said, it is clear that Taren Killam have brought together a cast which has a great chemistry together and had the material been stronger it would have showcased their performances better. Hannah Simone as Sanaa is suitably feisty,  Paul Brittain is a nice nerdish addition as Gabe and Bobby Moynihan as Donnie is perhaps the most grounded and relatable character of them all.

Sadly, the film overall feels slightly unfinished and not as sharp comedy wise as it could be due to a script that lacks direction. It is not the best directorial debut for Taran Killam. Disappointing.

Killing Gunther will be available to watch on Digital Download from 2nd April and can be bought here:

Rating: ❤