Jo Nesbo reimagines Shakespeare’s chilling tragedy as a crime thriller – but what have critics had to say about it? 


He’s the best cop they’ve got. When a drug bust turns into a bloodbath it’s up to Inspector Macbeth and his team to clean up the mess. He’s also an ex-drug addict with a troubled past. He’s rewarded for his success. Power. Money. Respect. They’re all within reach. 
But a man like him won’t get to the top.Plagued by hallucinations and paranoia, Macbeth starts to unravel. He’s convinced he won’t get what is rightfully his. 

The Guardian: “Ultimately, this will appeal to Nesbø’s substantial and loyal readership and admirers of the Hogarth series who want to see how this notoriously tricky play has been tackled. It may be full of sound and fury, but this isn’t a tale told by an idiot.”

The Times: “Jo Nesbo’s take on Macbeth is a masterclass in messing up Shakespeare.”

Evening Standard: If Nesbø’s Macbeth is full of sound and fury, signifying nothing, it is still, for the most part, a gripping tale of vaulting ambition and proof that “blood will have blood”. ”

The FT: “Shakespeare lovers will probably find Nesbo’s book clever and entertaining in its many intensely plotted sequences and in its offerings of high-toned tough guy talk (“It’s our damned duty to kill innocent people . . . As long as it serves a greater purpose we have to overcome our sentimental, compliant natures”). Despite many engaging moments, however, the book is too long and loose.”

The Suspense is Thrilling Me: “If you’ve never read Macbeth or absolutely loved it, pick up this book! If you’re hesitant because you know what happens already, or want something a little more original–maybe sit this one out. ”

The Vaguely Articulate Reader: ” I would certainly recommend this book to fans of Hogarth Shakespeare, to fans of Nesbø, and anyone who’s just really interested in this sort of book. I think you’ll like it a lot, as well!” “The characters are true to their roots as Shakespeare created them and I felt that the main premise of the action was extremely well planned and executed.”

Reader at Large:  “Even without the Shakespeare connection, this is a crime-noir thriller, dark, gritty and very well put together story.” “an unputdownable story of love and guilt, political ambition, and greed for more, exploring the darkest corners of human nature, and the aspirations of the criminal mind.”

Macbeth is released on the 5th April.


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