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The actor is currently appearing in the Polka Theatre’s production of Chocolate Cake, based on Michael Rosen’s poem. He spoke to Love London Love Culture about the show… 

Chocolate Cake at Polka Theatre. Mark Houston (Michael). Credit Ellie Kurttz.JPG
(c) Ellie Kurttz. 

Hi Mark – thank you so much for talking to Love London Love Culture. Could you tell me a bit more about the show please? Thanks so much for having me! So the show is about a boy named Michael who is absolutely obsessed with Chocolate Cake. It’s all he can think about, and we join him and his family the day before Joe’s party (Michael’s older brother) and of course Mum has made an extra special chocolate cake. All of it is based around the fantastic Michael Rosen poem of the same name. It’s such a fun story to engage with.

What was it about ‘Chocolate Cake’ that made you want to be involved? As soon as I saw it was Polka Theatre I was immediately interested as they have such a good reputation for producing such high quality shows. Then looking more into the source material, including the Michael Rosen poems, it just looked like it would be so much fun!

Have you a favourite moment in the show? I think my favourite moment is the final scene which takes place the morning after Michael has snuck downstairs in the middle of the night. You can really see the connection he has with his brother and it’s filled with funny little moments too.

What do you think of the Polka Theatre as a children’s theatre? It’s amazing what Polka does for Children’s Theatre. It doesn’t patronise the audience, and creates really good theatre that is completely accessible for younger eyes. The visual aspects of the production are really exciting!

What do you think young audiences will enjoy the most about the ‘Chocolate Cake’? The show is great at making sure there is loads to keep the kids attention. There are some really cool animations, exciting lighting and the moment the cake comes out the cupboard always goes down amazingly well.

Why should people come along and see the show? There really is so much to love in the show. It’s really funny, very relatable and such an endearing story about family. And you’ll be humming the songs all evening when you leave!

Chocolate Cake continues to play at the Polka Theatre until the 13th May. For more information and to book tickets visit:


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