The comedian spoke to Love London Love Culture about bringing his new show to London as part of his tour… 

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(c)Steve Ullathorne 

Hi Stephen, thanks so much for talking to Love London Love Culture. How’s the tour going so far? The tour has been going amazingly. It’s been like every partner I’ve ever had – a rollercoaster of emojis. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve hardly slept and I know when it’s going to be a dick. But, I have had the best experience. Apart from snow week…that was trying to say the least. Six hours just to get to Redditch – not for me. But (and not to sound like a media trained popstar) I’ve met so many lovely people along the way from my audience, some of whom have been to see the show more than once (Shout out to Jackie, Nicky and Rebea), them guys have been so supportive and I kissed a doctor, without having to pretend I was choking. In summary, I’m really happy.

What kind of topics do you bring up in ‘Can’t Think Straight’? Oh goodness, nothing is off the table. We talk about the first holiday I went on with my parents in a decade, we talk about my old job at Sainsburys, we discuss LGBT+ rights in a mainstream relatable way and then because I’m classy, we talk about oral sex.

For audiences coming along to the show – what can they expect? Fun. Because of the state of the world we are forgetting to laugh. We just want to be triggered and to judge. Well, you can leave that at the door with me. This is dick jokes and a dream.

What has been your best experience on tour so far? Lots of upcoming comedians have huge egos and have nicknames for their fans. Not me, I call them my friends. Are you kidding me? These people use their hard-earned money to come out and support my little dream. You are well and truly respected, appreciated and in my heart. So if they want to go for a drink after the show and a chat and gossip (or to a drag queen 80s party – thank you, Stacey in Edinburgh), then I would love to. These people that are supporting me now are the people who will be around for years to come. I respect them and thank them. So the best experience has been making all these new friends.

Do you enjoy touring around? No – why can’t we teleport yet. Trains are often delayed and please please please take the microphone off Barry in Coach C – where the catering is. I know you sell a wide range of teas and coffees. Now quiet, I’ve downloaded Charmed.

After your tour finishes – what’s next in store for you? I’m going to Ibiza with my best friend Riggers and I plan to find a Spanish Prince then I never have to come back. Or, the actual plan is I’m currently filming Zoe Ball’s new ITV show as the agony uncle. I’ve recorded a few other bits that are out later this year. I am writing my new show for this year’s Fringe and I’ve got some jobs in LA in September. I am busy. I just want a bath and a footrub.

Stephen Bailey performs Can’t Think Straight at the Soho Theatre in London from Thursday 3rd – Saturday 5th May, 9.30pm. For tickets see