The actor spoke to Love London Love Culture about the Rose Theatre’s upcoming production of Much Ado About Nothing, opening for previews on the 13th April. 


Hi Caolan – how are you feeling about being involved with Much Ado About Nothing? I’m thrilled to be part of this production. I haven’t had the chance to work on Shakespeare since RADA so I’m relishing the opportunity to work on text that, frankly, can’t be beat.

How are preparations coming along for the production? Rehearsals are great craic. There are some extremely experienced verse speakers in the company and some high comedians so I am learning so much, not just when I’m on stage with them, but when observing their scenes.

How has it been working with Simon Dormandy? Simon is great. He is the perfect combination of an actor and a teacher – which I suppose makes a great director. He listens genuinely to everyone’s suggestions and offers whilst maintaining a clear vision for the overall piece.

It seems the play has a new relevance for today’s audiences, how would you say this is reflected in the production? I think one of the more vivid themes of the play is the misogyny within the society. As modern audiences we view this very clearly as unfair and wrong but Elizabethans may not have questioned it as much. In our modern mafia world, we are shining a light on a very sexist culture, so I hope it will resonate that in many aspects of society we have still a long way to go in terms of gender equality.

Have you visited Rose Theatre Kingston before? If so what do you think of it as a venue? I have unfortunately never been to the Rose but know all about it and have heard great things about the work it has produced over the years – I’m really looking forward to performing there.

What can audiences expect from this version of Much Ado About Nothing? Audiences can expect wit, style, love, betrayal, friendship, and maybe a few superheroes.

Much Ado About Nothing plays at the Rose Theatre from the 13th April until the 6th May. For more information visit:



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