The National Gallery’s latest exhibition concentrates on the relationship between the artist and architecture to offer a new way to examine his work. Here’s what critics have had to say about it…

The Guardian: ***** “At first sight, Monet & Architecture may seem like just another excuse to bathe in that unequalled light (et pourquoi pas?). For, behind its austere title, this is a ludicrously pleasurable holiday in Monet’s senses.”

The Telegraph: **** “One can quibble over the use of the word architecture and the show overstates its arguments, particularly in its early stages, but it has brought together a magnificent, life-enhancing collection of paintings to make its case.”

The Independent: **** “the challenge is to do something slightly different. And this show has succeeded – in part – by concentrating on how built structures were of such importance to his development as a painter (there are also a lot of seldom-seen pictures here from private collections).”

Culture Whisper: ***** “introduces us to a different, but equally innovative side of this modern master. The result is simply mesmerising.”

iNews: “Monet’s relationship with buildings, in short, was that of a skilled artisan reaching for a useful tool, rather than of a pilgrim at the shrine. And it is the subject of a spectacular exhibition at the National Gallery in London, Monet & Architecture, the first purely Monet show in the capital for more than 20 years.”

Evening Standard: ***** “I wish I could give this show more than five stars. It’s very intense and completely successful.”

The Times: **** “Overlook the curatorial argument and simply enjoy the beauty of colour in this chronological tour of 75 paintings.”

Time Out: **** “I’m not convinced architecture actually mattered much to Monet. Everything around him was just a tool for trapping, diffusing, emitting and reflecting light. Forget the theme, it’s just stunning painting.”

The FT: “A rapturous show puts the great Impressionist’s work in an unusual perspective”

Londonist: **** “As beautiful as this show is, there’s nothing to surprise us here. We’re so familiar with Monet’s work, we’re not sure any of his paintings could ever shock us. But that’s no bad thing, as you can never have too much Monet.”

London Visitors: ” This fascinating exhibition provides plenty of evidence that Monet’s obsession with colour, light and shade was not just restricted to his more familiar landscapes but was used to dramatic effect on a wide series of paintings including the cityscapes of Paris, London and Venice.”

Victoria “This is a hugely enjoyable and illuminating show.”

Diary of a Londoness: ” The National Gallery’s latest mega-blockbuster art exhibition, Monet and Architecture is sure to be a monumental hit. The only problem is, will you be able to beat the rush and get a ticket? But try, and try you must.”

Monet & Architecture will be on display at the National Gallery until the 29th July. For more information visit:



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