New Music: Unfinished Earth by Douglas Knehans

Released on the 6th April, composer Douglas Knehans’s latest album features two new works ‘Tempest’ and ‘Unfinished Earth’ – both of which are world premiere recordings. 


Performed by the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Mikel Toms, the two new pieces both present the contrasting views of how the external metaphors of wind and earth reflect more intimate internal worlds of the human heart and mind.

‘Tempest’, the concerto for flute and orchestra, features a solo part that is performed by London Symphony Orchestra principal flutist Gareth Davies. The piece was inspired by by the winds that orbit the earth in great currents to create a work that is both dramatic and energetic.

The album is comprised of three different movements that each focuses on the constant degradation and reformation of earth and sea. In order to create the work Knehans used different wind movements from around the globe to uncover a deeper aspect of the human condition and the human experience.

Unfinished Earth is available to buy and download now

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