Review Round Up: Rodin and the Art of Ancient Greece, British Museum

The British Museum’s latest exhibition examines how Greek sculpture helped to inspire Auguste Rodin. Here’s what critics had to say about it… 

The Guardian: ***** “Cold? Rigid? Rodin didn’t think ancient Greek art was either of those things and nor will you after seeing the mad, marvellous exhibition that the British Museum’s sensitive Hellenophile curator Ian Jenkins has created with the Musée Rodin.”

The Telegraph: ***** “You’ll leave it exhilarated about the possibilities of sculpture, nostalgic for an age of superhuman ambition, and still pondering that question of who “won” the show’s notional showdown.”

The Times: ***** “Marvel at an inspiring meeting of masters.”

The Independent: **** “The exhibition’s story is a good one, and it’s well told. It’s also edging the museum away from the kind of exhibition which feels dependent for its success on the burden of over-much scholarship on the fast and loose – and that can be a real problem in spite of what the scholars may think.”

Evening Standard: **** “This exhibition itself stimulates thought and reflection from start to finish. And by way of bonus, it makes a very good case for the Elgin Marbles to stay in the British Museum.”

Time Out: **** “The whole thing feels like jolts of electricity coursing through time: a spark of brilliance in ancient Greece rippling and crackling into the hands of Rodin thousands of years later. Or maybe it’s an age-old heartbeat, pumping blood through history and bringing everything around you to life.”

London Visitors: “This exhibition provides an unusual and unique opportunity to view  Rodin’s artistic work from new angles, the Parthenon Sculptures connected Rodin to the past but enabled him to create original works that looked to the future.”

Rodin and the Art of Ancient Greece will be on display at the British Museum from the 26th April until the 29th July 2018. For more information visit:

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