Interview with… Anna Danshina

The actress spoke to Love London Love Culture about her role in the upcoming film The Bromley Boys, starring alongside the likes of Jamie Foreman, Martine McCutcheon and Alan Davies.

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Hi Anna thanks so much for talking to Love London Love Culture. Could 
you tell me more about what The Bromley Boys is all about? The Bromley Boys is a comedy feature film set in the 1960s in Britain. The film is based on a real story of a football fan and his passion about the football team which happened to be one of the worst in Britain. However, the film is not only about football, it is about the
lives of ordinary people, it depicts interesting stories about human
passion, loyalty, love and commitment. It is a very funny film suitable
for a very diverse audience.

What was it that made you want to be involved with the film? I really enjoyed reading the script, it is based on the autobiographical novel by Dave Roberts. Reading this story kept me in tension all the time but at the same time it was very funny. I thought it is amazing that such films are still being made: kind, funny, warm, full of love  and very interesting at the same time. I thought its going to be a  wonderful film. Of course I felt privileged to play with such great British actors as Martine McCutcheon, Alan Davies, Jamie Foreman.

Could you tell me a bit more about your character and how she fits 
into the story? My character Anoushka is the girlfriend of the football club owner. She
claims to be Russian and lives in Chiswick. She is one of the few characters in the film who is not overwhelmed with the  passion for football. She is more into fashion, style, music and money.  She gravitates towards success and fame. Being the football club owner’s  girlfriend she assumes to be a position of celebrity and enjoys the feeling of being privileged. She adds a flavour of inexpensive glamour and fashion to the scenery of a local football club. She is feminine and kind on one hand, but she loves good lifestyle and is very opportunistic.

What was it like to film? The filming process was great! I really enjoyed working with the Director Steve Kelly and all the crew and cast. Everyone was very friendly and supportive. I felt like we were a big family on set. The weather was a bit of a challenge sometimes, it was freezing cold! We were shooting a lot of scenes outdoors and the actors who played football players felt it probably most of all as they were wearing light
football outfits including shorts. But nevertheless everyone was  cheerful and stayed positive.

Given its a film predominantly about football are you a fan of the sport or did you have to a little bit of research into the rules?  I can’t say that I am a big football fan, I do watch big matches such as the World Championship and the European Championship. I might be going to Russia to watch the World Cup this summer. I also support  Chelsea Football Club as it is local to me in London, I have a season ticket and
occasionally I attend matches. I also support the football club Zenit which is the leading football team in my home town of St. Petersburg.  Most of all in football I like to watch on a big screen the emotional reactions of some football managers when their team scores a goal – you may witness an unparalleled degree of human happiness!

What have you got coming up next? Last week I played Natasha in the psychological thriller ‘Cordelia’. Sally Hawkins is one of the Executive Producers and the film is directed by Adrian Shergold. I think it is going to be a great film, starring
Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Jonny Flynn and Michael Gambon. Also this year I am going to play Alena in a feature film by Michael  Elkin called “Break” which will tell the story of a young underdog  snooker player. I am looking forward to meeting again on set with Jamie Foreman and Adam Deacon with whom I worked on the Bromley Boys.

I am also looking forward to the release this year of the feature film  Love Possibly directed by Che Grant and Michael Boccalini in which I  played the lead female character Lana. It is a comedy indie film, telling the story of a character whose lifetime goal is to find his  perfect love. I think it is going to be a very funny film.

The Bromley Boys will be released in Cinemas on June 1st 2018 and on 
home entertainment from 25th June. Tickets are available for the world 
premiere at Wembley Stadium on May 24th, for more information please go 

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