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The comedian and blogger spoke to Love London Love Culture about his new stand up show going on tour from October including a date at the Leicester Square Theatre. 

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How are you feeling about going on tour? I’m super excited because I think doing this tour is something I’ve wanted to do since I started doing stand up 15 years ago. This is what I do, so it just feels like a natural progression from the writing I’ve done for the blog and the book. I can use these new ideas in a different way.

How easy has it been to create the show given how busy you must be running around after two little ones?  I haven’t even properly started writing it yet. I’ve only written about 20 per cent of it so far. The thing about running around after the kids, is that if I’ve got a pen or a pad nearby then it’s all good for a great routine. You have to embrace whatever happens. Fingers crossed for the people buying tickets that loads of weird and crazy things happen in the next few months.

What can audiences expect when they come along to the show? The show is two 45 minute halves and it’ll be me doing Stand Up. It’ll be brand new fresh stuff and it’s completely new. It’ll be relatable and new stories rather than what’s in the book. The content isn’t developed yet so people will get to see completely new material.

Do you hope that the show will offer some comfort to other first time parents trying to adapt to having children?  Yeah I think that’s a by-product of the stuff that I’ve done. I do get lots of messages from people saying that they struggle with the same things. But I just set out to be funny and make people laugh. But it’s a two way street and when I write something then I get messages so that’s when I know that other people are going through things too. I think thank god for that. I hope that nobody brings their kids to my shows though because it’s meant to be a bit of time for us all to get away from the kids – they’d have to leave.

Were you given any advice about becoming a parent and did it help at all?  The only advice I got was not to read any books on parenting. There’s good books and bad books and different stuff for different people. My mum said to me that you’ve just got to find your own way. That’s the theme for what I’ve been doing with my writing. The second you find your way, everything changes and you’re lost again. You’ve got to embrace the chaos and accept you’re never going to know anything and that’s important. Every child is different and even if the first is great and the second is the devil’s child that’s just the way it works.

If you had to pass on any tips for those about to become parents for the first time what would you say? I’m not sure I’m any position to pass on advice. Just prepare to fail on a daily basis with the small things and just accept the fact that’s going to happen. Try to learn from that and doing stress too much about that. We all fail and make mistakes.

What are you most looking forward to about going on tour? A couple of nights of uninterrupted sleep. As long as I get a nice duvet and bouncy pillows and a do not disturb sign on the hotel door, then I’ll be happy.

Sam Avery‘s show ‘The Learner Parent’ will embark on a UK tour from the 16th October. He will perform at London’s Leicester Square Theatre on the 4th December. For more information visit:

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