REVIEW: SOAP, Underbelly Festival

The German circus company take the whole concept of having a bath to new and creative heights in this hilarious and charming show. 


Who knew that taking a bath could provide so much entertainment? Thanks to SOAP’s brilliantly imaginative show, the audience leaves The Spiegelent tent with plenty of different ways to treat having a bath.

Wonderfully choreographed, the entire show is a perfect blend of cheekiness (thanks to Marie-Andree Lemaire’s wonderful clowning) and amazing acrobatics involving bath tubs that keep the audience hooked over the seventy odd minutes.

Markus Pabst’s production is surprisingly entertaining despite the fact that many of the acts used to form the show have been done before – but never in this way. SOAP is proof that it is not the act itself that is mesmerising to the audience but rather the way in which it is presented and the build up to it that commands the attention.

But there is still an element of the unexpected about the show that adds to the humour – whether it is feet peeking out of the bath tub in a charmingly odd sort of puppet show or even the hilariously choreographed routine involving the different elements of taking a bath at the start of the show which perfectly sets the tone for what the audience is about to experience.

Some might find the show slightly over silly in places, but given that this is a family orientated show this isn’t too much of a problem as even adults will delight in the comical nature of SOAP – with a few cheeky adult related bits of humour to entertain (including the slightly risqué towel dance).

Despite the playfulness of the show overall, there are still some beautiful moments to be found as well. This includes Mortiz Haase’s wonderful routine during which he gloriously swings above the audience with water pouring down, causing an almost bewitching effect over the audience.

Also added into the mix is the stunning vocals of Jennifer Lindshield, filling the tent with beautifully rich tones that grab the attention – even if it is singing a song about a bath tub! The combination of the vocals with the pure core strength of the rest of the cast makes for mesmerising viewing and time passes almost too quickly.

Flowing seamlessly from beginning to end, SOAP not only has a great energy about it but also is a reminder of why 250 years on circus is still considered fascinating to audiences as a form of entertainment: it is not only the curiosity to see how far people can push their bodies but also the willingness to be entertained in unexpected ways – even if that means using bath tubs!

By Emma Clarendon

SOAP continues to perform as part of the Underbelly Festival until the 17th June. For more information visit:

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

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