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Love London Love Culture’s Emma Clarendon spoke to Director Felicity Simpson about Circolombia, playing at the Underbelly Festival from the 24th May. 

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Hi Felicity thanks so much for talking to Love London Love Culture. Could you tell me a bit more about the show? Circolombia is 100% Colombian circus concert which captures the energy, diversity and electric dynamism of the country’s rich culture. It’s a fearless performance packed with endless infectious energy from 14 incredibly talented artists, bringing guts, grace and gusto direct from Bogota!

How did the concept for Circolombia come about? Colombia has a real dynamic force propelling it forward, that force is human. Circolombia captures that force and brings it to life through blistering performance. Living a couple of years in Bogota, where daily life is really accelerated, has influenced our questioning of what we wanted to explore. And the artists’ positions in today’s world. Are we third, first or the brave new World?

The show is all about taking risks, having the courage to move forward both in life and on the stage. And most importantly, it’s the girls who lead the way in fearlessly demonstrating this extraordinary determination to perform at the highest level and share Colombia’s unique energy with the world.

What do you think fascinates people so much about circus?It’s the only art form where risking your life is a daily ritual. The spaces it occupies physically on the stage has incredible contrasts, from a singular magic moment of suspension to a troupe of acrobats blasting through the air.

Why do you think circus shows have managed to last for 250 years? What makes it special? Constant evolution mixed with the primal necessity to see folk (humans like you and me) perform extraordinary feats live.

What do you think the future of circus looks like? I anticipate nonstop development. The world needs to believe in the impossible…. to see and feel ALIVE.

Why should people pop along and see Circolombia? To be energized, inspired and above all, to share, partake in something that’s good for your soul.

By Emma Clarendon 

Circolombia will perform as part of the Underbelly Festival from the 24th May until the 14th July. For more information visit:

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