LLLC’s Emma Clarendon spoke to Melvin Brown about bringing his show Chuck Berry Lives to the Brighton Festival. 


Hi, thanks so much for talking to LLLC. Could you tell me a bit more about you new show ‘Chuck Berry Lives’?  It is simply a look at the life and music and excitement of the king of rock and roll, form great renditions of the music that made people move whether they liked music or not, all of this is flared with some of my great originals along the same style and rounded out with some unusual tap numbers and the always humour that was evident with Chuck Berry.

Are you looking forward to bringing the show to the Brighton Festival Fringe? Absolutely because for one I will be again performing with great UK musicians who also live the music, that produces an incredible on-stage high.

While you’re here you will be putting on your Tap into Health Workshops. Could you tell me a bit more about what people can expect from the workshops if they attend?  As I have a new book Simple Health and Happiness, there is at least a twofold purpose one to make it easy for any age to learn something of a great tradition while having fun doing it, and to inspire people to a long happy and healthy life.

It seems you have had so many amazing moments in your career – what would you say has been a personal career highlight for you? It happens every time I go on stage and right away the audience gets it, we are here having a great time right now.

Have you got anyone that you would love to appear alongside on stage with? Yes, Tina Turner, Beyonce, and Rod Stewart, I am moved by that kind of energy and sound.

After performing your show at the Brighton Festival Fringe – what’s next in store for you?  We will head to Canada to perform my musical that is headed for Broadway, then on to TV shows and motivational performance shows in the US, then Italy and Australia tours, and possibly back to London later in the year with my Broadway bound  Musical  A Man A Magic A Music.

Chuck Berry Lives will perform at the Brighton Festival Fringe on the 30th – 31st May. For more information visit: https://www.brightonfringe.org/whats-on/movin-melvin-brown-chuck-berry-lives-115922/



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