Five Minutes with…. John Kearns

Comedian John Kearns spoke to LLLC’s Emma Clarendon about bringing his show Don’t Worry They’re Here to the Battersea Arts Centre. 

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Hi John thanks for talking to Love London Love Culture. What can audiences expect from ‘Don’t Worry They’re Here’?  I hope I provide an hours entertainment in which the audience laugh as one or even better, individually. There may be mild peril and quite possibly be better than you thought it would be.

How did the concept for the show come about?  In a blind panic. It’s just dawned on me no one asked me to do it.

What sort of topics does the show cover? The show is about luck, nostalgia and how in life you never know what’s round the corner. When I start writing a show I basically hopes it’s funny enough and runs to time. Only then can you experiment with flights of pretension and set pieces which crash and burn. The show is then created as you rifle through the embers to see what you can salvage.

What do you enjoy most about performing? The lights. The razzmatazz. The soft shoe to the microphone. The applause. The inevitability, the fear, the white hot fear! I’m alive!

What’s next in store for you? Or rather what’s in store for the audience of the Streatham Common Fringe as with just the use of a tree, five prosthetic noses and a limp, I will be debuting my new one man production of “The Wind in My Willows.”

By Emma Clarendon 

John Kearns will perform ‘Don’t Worry They’re Here’ at the Battersea Arts Centre from the 21st to the 30th May. For more information visit:

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