Review Round Up: Solo: A Star Wars Story

Ron Howard directs this latest Star Wars spin off focusing on Han Solo – but how has it been going down with critics? 

The Guardian: **** ” With Howard at the controls, the movie is a fun-fuelled entertainment.”

What “It’s unfortunate to report that Solo: A Star Wars Story suffers from being overwhelmingly dull. The film offers nothing new and the stakes never feel like they’ll legitimately make an impact since you already know how things will turn out.”

Empire: **** “Ultimately, this is a different kind of Star Wars film to any that have gone before, with only hints of the main saga’s bigger fate-of-the-galaxy picture. And while that means the story lacks the depth some might crave, it still offers plenty of fun, and (impressively for a prequel) the odd surprise along the way.”

The Verge: “But Solo: A Star Wars Story is classic Star Wars, and if it ends up being the last time Lawrence Kasdan writes a movie in this universe, it’s one incredibly entertaining, instructive swan song.” ” Solo: A Star Wars Story hits all its marks except the one it needed to hit most: accounting for one of pop culture’s most cantankerous charismatics.” ** 1/2 “If the entirety were as charming and unexpectedly haunting as the friendship between Han and Chewie, “Solo” might’ve been a classic. As is, it’s a frictionless trip down memory lane.”

Digital Spy: **** “While it won’t revolutionise the Star Wars landscape, it certainly doesn’t damage the Han Solo character in the way some fans feared.”

The Telegraph: **** “Much as the first “Star Wars Story” spin-off, Rogue One, modelled itself after classic men on-a-mission war films, Solo digs out two more old genres from cinema’s dressing-up box: the American western and the Weimar-era cloak-and-dagger thriller.”

BBC: *** ” instead of having an over-arching plot, Solo has a string of tenuously connected, protracted action set pieces, none of which is too coherent, and most of which are obscured by smoke and steam. ”

Den of Geek: *** ” Solo is not a bad film, just a relentlessly average one that has no reason to exist except as a money machine. It gets its protagonist from point A to point B efficiently enough, but it doesn’t tell us anything we need to know that we didn’t already glean from our first meeting with Han in a cantina 40 years ago.”
Rolling Stone: ** 1/2 “Solo: A Star Wars Story keeps throwing curveballs to distract us from the fact that we know all too well where this is heading. There’s no arguing that the actors are a likable crew, even if Harrelson, Glover and Bettany are the only three who don’t play it safe.”
Irish Times: *** “Solo is not the disaster that many feared when news leaked out of those firings and hirings. But it’s very much a film of good bits and bad bits.”
The Times: ** ” Though higher in vocal register, Ehrenreich has got the grin, the finger-pointing, and the goofy “who, me?” look down pat. And yet he’s also limited by “doing” Ford in the same way that Ewan McGregor “did” Alec Guinness in the abysmal prequel trilogy.” 

Evening Standard: **** “As young Han, 28-year-old Alden Ehrenreich channels Harrison Ford‘s mannerisms well enough while giving the character a punky twist of his own, although his pash for Qi’ra never quite fires up.”
Solo: a Star Wars Sotry is released in cinemas on the 25th May. 
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