PREVIEW: Flying the Nest

Árni Ásgeirsson directs this latest animated film about the importance of friendship and having faith in your abilities. 

After an attack by the formidable falcon Shadow, the numbers in a flock of Plover are vastly depleted whilst migrating back to their homeland. However, when all hope seems to be lost, beauty emerges in the form of an energetic newborn chick, Ploey. Quickly learning the ways of the flock, Ploey lives life to its fullest and meets Ploverina, a female chick with whom he immediately falls in love. A twist of fate leaves Ploey alone and unable to fly, as his flock departs across the ocean for winter. Isolated and afraid, he is forced to embark on a journey where he must use his cunning, and rely on the help of newly-found friends to make it through the winter and see his true love once more…

Cast for the film includes: Jamie Oram, Harriet Perring, Iain Stuart Robertson , Richard Cotton, Thorunn Erna Clausen and Thomas Arnold.


Flying the Nest will be released in Vue cinemas nationwide from the 6th July. 


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