Review Round Up: Consent, Harold Pinter Theatre

Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews of Nina Raine’s latest play at the Harold Pinter Theatre…


The Upcoming: *** “Director Roger Michell smoothly manages each contentious sequence with sleek scene changes accompanied by playful chamber music.” **** “Stephen Campbell Moore still excels as the smugly entitled barrister Ed, and nobody does better upper middle class twat than Adam James.”

Broadway World: **** “What makes this production unmissable is the cast, who take the audience on an emotional rollercoaster in the space of two and a half hours.”

The Guardian: **** “This bracingly clever, bleakly funny play offers no easy answers to any of its questions: what is justice, what is vengeance, and which is right?”

Official Theatre: **** “There are no easy answers to be sure but what Consent does well is to show how much there is to debate.”

Time Out: *** “Consent is so bold, so far-reaching that it’s a shame to see it ultimately subside into something so safe and so in thrall to the status quo, reinforced by an ending that locks its couples into the stasis of mutually assured destruction.”

The Telegraph: **** “The evening, with furnishings rising swiftly, even magically into view, is slick and entertaining when it needs to be, but for every comic touch and quick barb, there’s a telling glance and dark hint of sadness.”

Radio Times: ***** “It’s a play that needs to be seen: for the quality of its writing, its performances, and its contribution to a public conversation that is only just beginning.”

The Stage: *** “Roger Michell’s production feels less substantial on the West End stage, narrower in world view, more conservative in form and, for a play that’s only a year old, strangely dated.”

British *** “A strong cast keep the audience involved, and Raine has some superb one liners and the dialogue crackles in places. I just found it hard to care much about any of them, and the victims are not given a strong enough voice.”

The Times: ***** “Nina Raine packs her hotly topical play with as much human life as we’ve seen on the West End stage for a long time.”

WhatsOnStage: **** “its vivid complexity is one of the qualities that makes Consent such an unmissable play. ”

Exeunt Magazine: “So it’s a good debate, in the sense that it’s juicy and well-written and compellingly performed. But is it a good debate ethically? Are you up for asking, yet again, whether or not women lie about rape, and whether the systems of prosecuting rape are fair?”

Theatre Weekly: ***** “Director, Roger Michell controls the narrative in Consent tightly, with the scenes well blocked to provide clarity on the time and setting.”

A Younger Theatre: “Consent is an addictive and thought-provoking play, but I can’t think of a worse place for a barrister to bring a date.”

Consent will play at the Harold Pinter Theatre  until the 11th August. To book tickets click here or visit: TicketsATG Tickets or Love, See Tickets, Theatre Tickets or From the Box Office




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