Review Round Up: Lee Bul: Crashing, Hayward Gallery

The Hayward Gallery’s latest exhibition brings together more than 100 pieces of the artist’s work including early performances to recent large-scale installations. Here’s what critics have been saying about it… 

Hayward Gallery

The Guardian: *** “Of late, Lee’s work has become grander and more technically complex. You are invited to enter a gleaming black plexiglass Batcave and put on headphones. The soundtrack alters according to the world outside. For me there was a silence so ominous it felt as if a gun was about to go off. Lee is brilliant at this imminent sense of disaster.”

Time Out: **** “Lee Bul’s work is a series of imagined futures overflowing with culture and history. It’s filled with the hope of utopia, but also a terrifying fear of what that might mean.”

Evening Standard: **** “Lee Bul’s Crashing is a summary of her 30-year career as a performer and installation artist. Her immediate concerns have always been feminism, social history and the role of art in society. Put like that it could sound equally good or ghastly. But even when first impressions of certain aspects of it are mostly lurid, or even silly, the same stuff gets rapidly better and deeper.”

The Times: **** “It’s useless to expect this all to cohere, it’s intentionally like life — often interesting, occasionally baffling, but never boring.” “This is a very well-put together overview of the career to date of one of the world’s most successful and distinctive artists. It’s packed with big, bold, funky, cool objects and installations.”

City AM: ***** “It’s a strange and diverse exhibition. Alongside the horrors are more thoughtful pieces: butterflies trapped in resin casts of the artist’s hands; a karaoke booth inside a retro-futuristic car, in which you can enclose yourself and sing along to Meredith Brooks’ I’m A Bitch; a mirrored labyrinth that seems to represent stepping inside the machine itself (an echo of Kusama’s infinity-mirror rooms).”

Lee Bul: Crashing is on display at the Hayward Gallery until the 19th August. For more information visit:


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