Review Round Up: My Name is Lucy Barton, Bridge Theatre

Based on Elizabeth Strout’s short novel, My Name is Lucy sees Laura Linney making her London debut in this production. Here Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews. 


The Guardian: **** “Linney, as a performer, has mastered the art of public solitude and gives you the uncanny feeling that you are listening not to an invented story but a slice of lived experience.”

The Independent: “Laura Linney gives a luminous – unaffected and deeply affecting – performance in this 90-minute monodrama”

WhatsOnStage: ***** “Linney’s performance is equally disciplined, but intensely moving. It is full of damped-down emotion, bubbling under the surface, but always there.”

Time Out: **** “it is a privilege to see her in action and you should try and do so in the brief time that she’s here.”

The FT: **** “The intricacies of Elizabeth Strout’s novel remain intact in the hands of adapter Rona Munro and director Richard Eyre.”

The Arts Desk: “What impresses most is Linney’s timing and the meticulous placing of detail. Throughout the intermissionless 90 minutes, you feel you are being spoken to, never spoken at. Linney’s stillness alone makes this one of the finest, least “actorly” performances in town.”

Broadway World: ***** “But while it’s a moving story, it’s worth seeing just to witness Linney’s performance. One-person plays are not always easy, but Linney is more than capable of taking the audience on a beautiful and moving journey all on her own.”

Hollywood Reporter: “This sprightly, intelligent production does justice to that artfulness, creating something new that adds to the work even as Munro’s craft filets the story to a few essential plot points.”

The Times: ***** “This play touched me because, in some ways, it felt personal, not in the details but in the setting of the American Midwest, which I know well.”

British **** “Laura Linney embraces the whole auditorium and confides her tale in one of the best performances you will see this year. Highly recommended.”

British Theatre Guide: “Richard Eyre’s direction skilfully modulates pace and of movement and marks out when it is addressed straight to the audience, when reaching back into memory and when acting out things while Peter Mumford’s lighting is matched to the changes.”

Evening Standard: **** “Constant mitigation, however, is provided by that outstanding American actress, three-time Oscar nominee Laura Linney, who gives a compelling 90-minute solo performance full of her trademark nervous smiles.”

Theatre South East: “Linney embodies both characters with such physicality that makes it impossible to see the shift in characters.”

The Metro: ***** “Linney, looking fabulously ordinary, brings out every grain of texture in this multifaceted piece, its restless, shifting surfaces, its tautly contained emotions and its sly, unexpected humour, switching effortlessly between the mother’s coarse, gossipy Illinois tones and Lucy’s more careful, modulated ones.”

My Name is Lucy Barton continues to play at the Bridge Theatre until the 23rd June. For more information visit:





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