Review Round Up: The Incredibles 2

Pixar’s superhero family return for a brand new adventure! But what have critics been making of it? Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews…

The Guardian: **** ” Bird has reason to feel confident that his family of superheroes doesn’t need to be reinvented. Like all families, they’re a perpetual work in progress.”

Rolling Stone: *** 1/2 “is follow-up is every bit the start-to-finish sensation as the original, and you’ll be happy to know that Bird’s subversive spirit is alive and thriving.”

Variety: “Each story point hits us with its overly calculated “relevance.” Bob’s awkwardness as a nurturer in the brave new world of dads-as-homemakers; Helen’s proud post-feminist advancement over her husband; the ominous threat of whatever comes through the computer screen — it’s all a bit too thought out, and maybe a tad behind the curve.”

IGN: “Brad Bird’s strong script and direction elevate this animated adventure to new heights.”

Hollywood Reporter:  “Still, this sex reversal where physical achievement and societal role acceptance are concerned is the central dramatic conceit and sociological preoccupation of Incredibles 2, which will make it as popular with women of all ages as it will be for kids. ” *** 1/2 ” They’ve done what a great animated sequel should do—continue to develop the themes of the original while also staking new territory. This is a smart, beautiful, fun family film. In other words, exactly what we want from Pixar.” “While writer-director Brad Bird’s Incredibles 2is undeniably a good time at the movies for the whole family, it’s the rare superhero movie that may have too many ideas knocking around in its noggin, none of which seem terribly coherent. And that, in the end, makes the film less than it clearly wants to be.” “While it never quite reaches the delirious highs of The IncrediblesIncredibles 2 is a worthwhile sequel that never loses sight of why we fell in love with these superheroes in the first place.”

Indie Wire: “while Bird doesn’t take any cheap jabs at the superhero movies that have sprouted up since he first put his imprint on the genre, “Incredibles 2” — in its own, backhanded way — does kinda sympathize with Screenslaver’s point. Superheroes have made us lazy.”

Consequence of Sound: “It’s perhaps too much to say that Incredibles 2 is the perfect antidote to our modern glut of superhero flicks, but it is a delightful change of pace from the dourness of Infinity War and the nihilistic snark of Deadpool 2. It’s as bright and visually inventive as its predecessor, and finds cheeky new outlets for Bird’s unbridled cinematic sensibilities.”

Den of Geek: **** “As visualized by Bird and Pixar, Incredibles 2 is stuffed to the seams with gorgeous animation, often bursting out of the frame in its nostalgia for the heyday of Hanna-Barbera cartoons and general ‘60s pop art. However, it also still imbues the action with a dynamism that cannot be replicated in the real world—or at least CGI trying to pass as a real world with some semblance of physics.”


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