This latest novel from the author is vibrant in its descriptions that surround a beautifully heart wrenching story about lies, betrayal and love. 

The Sapphire widow

Sweeping readers back to 1935 Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka), Dinah Jefferies beautifully manages to capture the beauty of the island while providing a deeply engaging and emotional tale about grief, love and betrayal.

On the surface Louisa and Elliot Reeve have it all – a beautiful home and and idyllic life in Ceylon except for the one thing that they both long for: a child. While Louisa struggles to deal with her grief over her miscarriages, Elliot soon begins to spend more time away from home. But when tragedy hits, Louisa learns of a shocking secret that Elliot has been keeping from her – leaving her betrayed, broken and wondering if she can ever move forward.

As always, Dinah Jefferies has created a heartfelt story that is constantly engaging throughout, with characters who are easy for the reader to relate to and understand. but equally it is her vivid descriptions of the country and the places that her characters inhabit that help make the reader feel as though they are going through everything that Louisa is.

But while on the surface the story is straight forward, it is actually a complicated web of emotions that Louisa has to go through to reach a kind of acceptance that makes this such a compelling read. From her initial hurt, pain and anger at Elliot’s betrayal to her final acceptance and peace, this is a story that is as much about the hope of moving on from both grief and betrayal as it is about the way of life in Ceylon, both strands of the story complimenting each other perfectly.

The Sapphire Widow is a subtle and gentle read, but is still filled with characters who are capable of adding conflict and drama such as Louisa’s mother-in-law Irene who threatens Louisa’s plans or the thuggish brutes threatening her for money – adding extra drama to the story. But for the most part this is a peaceful book about confronting the emotions of grief and betrayal as well as finding the strength to move forward with life when all hope appears to be gone.

It has been written with great sensitivity and style that it is virtually impossible to put down once you have started, each chapter effectively drawing you further into Louisa’s story.

Overall, it is a beautiful story that has been compellingly written and will delight those who have enjoyed the author’s other books.

By Emma Clarendon 

The Sapphire Widow is available to buy now

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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