REVIEW: Romeo & Juliet, Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare, Leicester Square Theatre

Hilariously entertaining: Shitfaced Shakespeare does it again with their production of Romeo and Juliet.


Shitfaced Shakespeare is back and consuming more alcohol whilst trying to perform Shakespeare involves one member of the cast being completely drunk and trying to stumble their way though an abridged Shakespeare play, with the cast having to play along to whatever the drunk actor says.
The improvised recoveries made by all the actors was superb and hilarious for the audience to experience. It’s so refreshing that every show feels unique; the actors are as clueless as to what will happen as the audience, and that creates a really exciting atmosphere for everyone.
I also massively appreciated that, thanks to a drunken improvisation, I finally got to see the ending I’ve always wanted for Romeo and Juliet, although I’m not Shakespeare himself would have appreciated the major plot change!
As with before, I was slightly worried about the safeguarding of the drunken actor themselves, especially when she armed herself with a knife. However once the knife had been taken away from her and replaced with a plushie snake, I was much more content and was able to continue enjoying the performance.
As with all Shitfaced Shakespeare productions, the emphasis is more placed on the performance than lavish costumes and sets. However, the pieces that were used gave the illusion of a traditional Shakespearean production, and fit the settings very well despite the lack of focus given to them.
Overall I really enjoyed seeing another Shitfaced Shakespeare production. The atmosphere these shows create are so welcoming and fun and I always leave the theatre smiling. It’s a great night out for drunkards and thespians alike!
By Emily Schofield
Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare’s production of Romeo & Juliet continues to play at the Leicester Square Theatre until the 1st September. For more information visit:

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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