NEWS: Casting Announced for Studio Recording of The Clockmaker’s Daughter

Having premiered in London in 2015, an all-star cast recording has been announced for the British musical. 

The Clockmakers Daughter Joe Davison (Auburn Jam) Michael Webborn (composer) Fra Fee (Will) Daniel Finn (composer)
Joe Davison, Michael Webborn, Fra Fee and Daniel Finn. 

A number of West End performers have been lined up for the recording of Michael Webborn and Daniel Finn’s musical fairytale, which is set to be released later this year.

It has been confirmed that: Christine Allado,  Ramin Karimloo, Fra Fee, Matthew Croke, and  Lauren James Ray will lead the cast, with further casting set to be announced soon.

The Clockmaker’s Daughter, an original story with original music, is set in the fictional Irish town of Spindlewood. Like most towns of age, Spindlewood, has its traditions. But no practice, custom or old wives’ warning is so firmly adhered to as ‘The Turning of the Key’. Every year, on the last night of winter, as the first day of spring unfolds, the townsfolk gather to take part in a strange ritual…

The musical originally premiered at the Landor Theatre in Clapham in 2015, before travelling to  the Minack Theatre in Cornwall in 2016.

It will now take on new life as a recording, which has been executively produced by David Ball Productions.  The record is produced by Joe Davison for Auburn Jam Music, and will be released by Auburn Jam Records later this year with limited edition CDs, complete with cover design by Kyle Lambert (Stranger Things) and original concept artwork by Daniel Finn.

The album will also be available via all major online retailers including iTunes, AmazonMP3 and GooglePlay. 
The recording of The Clockmaker’s Daughter is available to pre-order here:
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