NEWS: New Science Gallery to Open in London

King’s College has announced the brand new gallery will open to introduce a collaboration between science and art this September. 

(c) LTS Architects. 

This new gallery, based at London Bridge, will see King’s researchers and artists collaborating to address contemporary scientific challenges through the lens of arts and culture.

Close to the Shard, the free-to-visit gallery will see visitors exploring urgent global issues through the creative responses of artists working in collaboration with King’s researchers and scientists.

Talking about the news, Dr Daniel Glaser, Director of Science Gallery London, said: “Science Gallery London is a truly unique centre for discovery and debate, designed to inspire young adults at a time in their lives when they are establishing their place in the world around them. Visitors will be taken on a journey through provocative and sometimes surprising subject areas, opening up science and raising urgent questions about our collective futures.”

The Science Gallery will host three seasons a year, and will open with HOOKED that will explore the complex world of addiction and recovery from gambling to smart phones. This exhibition will examine what makes humans vulnerable to addiction while looking at the factors and routes to recovery.

As a building, the gallery will feature exhibition spaces, an auditorium, a cafe and shop which has been designed by LTS Architects.

Momin Saqib, President of King’s College London Student Union said: “Science Gallery London will be a new hub for King’s students and young adults to embrace their creativity and ingenuity. Its core purpose is to act as a melting pot for discussion, where young people can come together to meet, debate and challenge themselves to think in new and different ways.”

For more information about the Science Gallery London visit:

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