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Love London Love Culture’s Emma Clarendon spoke to Florian Wupperfeld about Leading Culture Destination Awards co-founder Florian Wupperfeld about this year’s awards… 

Florian_2Hello Florian, thank you for talking to me. Could you tell me a bit more about the Leading Culture Destination Awards? Leading Culture Destinations celebrates the best established and emerging culture destinations worldwide. Each year the LCD Awards shine a light on the most impactful cultural activations from those institutions and organisations shaping tomorrow’s world. It’s always thrilling to see which new and immersive museums or cultural experiences make the short list. In our digital age, the Immersion Room at New York’s Cooper Hewitt, Tokyo’s TeamLab Tokyo or the Pepper programme at the Smithsonian in Washington are all incredible contenders in the Digital Experience category.  

In its fifth year and following the development in cultural tourism, this year we have broadened the award categories to celebrate the best examples of cultural soft power as well as new experiential experiences to include the best festival, food destination, luxury and Smart Tech destination. Broadening the award categories reflects the growing range of different cultural experiences. The 2018 awards ceremony will take place in London, on Friday, the 28th of September.

How did the idea for the awards come about?  I’m more of a social seismographer and when I speak to my friends and colleagues in the travel and hospitality industry it’s often culture that drives them to visit places. I felt that we should be celebrating the best global cultural destinations, institutions and experiences. Looking at the travel sector, there is no other organisation or individual raising the profile of such iconic destinations in such a contemporary way.

How was the shortlist for this year’s awards decided? Was it particularly difficult this year?Our shortlist is drawn up from the nominations of our ambassadors, our own exhaustive research, and the recommendations of the world’s leading cultural planning consultancy: lord cultural resources. Once the shortlist is refined to three institutions per category, the jury casts its final vote to declare the winner in each category. With incredible new museums opening all the time, narrowing down the short list gets more difficult all the time.

How do you feel about this year’s shortlisted nominees? We are particularly excited for this year’s nominees in Africa, all examples of incredible architecture and design hosting amazing cultural experiences. Abu Dhabi’s Louvre, the YSL Museum at Marrakech as well as Zeitz MOCAA in Cape Town are all worthy nominees. New for this year is the ‘Best Cultural Nomad of the Year’ so we can celebrate the best cultural influencer in terms of culture and design.  With such development under way, China alone is building 2000 museums this year, there’s lots to come.

Why would you say the awards are important?  The awards are a way of raising the profile of the best museums and cultural institutions.  Ultimately, the awards give them the opportunity to reach new audiences and showcase their cultural assets globally.

What would you say makes the Leading Culture Destination Awards special? The LCD Awards are uniquely positioned to celebrate the best local cultural experiences with the  global travellers community as a whole.

By Emma Clarendon 

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