Review Round Up: £¥€$ (Lies), Almeida Theatre

Ontroerend Goed has brought its immersive production to the Almeida Theatre for a limited run. Here is what critics have been making of it. 


For one night only we invite you to join the super-rich. The 1%. You will call the shots. You will be the centre of the economy. You will have the power.

Given the chance to do things your way – will you play it safe or risk it all?

WhatsOnStage: *** “Major-league Monopoly supercharged with some performative flair, do go and see £¥€$ – you’ll probably never experience anything like it again at the Almeida. But beneath it all don’t expect to learn too much that you don’t already know – we trade in images and egos, rather than anything really tangible.”

Broadway World: ***** “an intense psychological experience that stresses just as much as it intrigues. A game of strategy and uncertainty, it’s one that isn’t confined to the walls of the Almeida, but instead one that’s played out for real globally.”

Evening Standard: *** “Alexander Devriendt’s devised production is certainly slick and the actors dextrous, but there’s a constant destabilising sense of playing a game we don’t really understand.”

London **** “It’s tense but fun, alarming yet insightful, and created a sense of community I’ve never felt inside a theatre before.”

The FT: **** ” This might be a busman’s holiday for some FT readers, but despite having been skilfully manipulated and muddled all night, I came out with a huge smile on my face. Which is odd, considering the implications are even more sobering than those of Audience.”

The Times: *** “Ever thought you could do a better job of running the economy than that lot in the Treasury, or what’s-his-face at the Bank of England? Now, thanks to those Belgian theatrical innovators Ontroerend Goed, you can.”

The Upcoming: *** “Ontroerend Goed, and more specifically artistic director Alexander Devriendt, has devised a complex but ultimately interesting method in which to observe the intricacies of today’s economy through live interaction, making us realise how little we know about money, though used everyday.”

Culture Whisper: **** “It’s an innovative take on a well writ story, but inevitable predictability inhibits any element of surprise. With the basics grasped, a little more theatrical intervention wouldn’t have gone amiss.”

The Metro: *** “It’s not high drama but still, my financial advice is to buy a share. Or as theatre types call it, a ticket.”

£¥€$ (Lies) continues to play at the Almeida Theatre until the 18th August. For more information visit:$-lies/31-jul-2018-18-aug-2018




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