Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews for Crazy Rich Asians, based on Kevin Kwan’s novel…

The Guardian: **** “Crazy Rich Asians is not a perfect film, but it has the potential to open doors for more Asian-led projects. And it’s a film that, for once, allows Asian women to just slide the glass slipper on, even for a moment.”

Rolling Stone: **** “The film makes sure every extravagant detail pops, and some will probably dismiss this as an orgy for shopaholics, consigned to being a guilty pleasure at best. But why feel guilty around such irresistible fun?”

Den of Geek: **** 1/2 “Crazy Rich Asians embraces rom-com tropes and patterns, but cleverly places the emotional stakes not solely on the romance but also on the relationship between Rachel and would-be mother-in-law Eleanor (Michelle Yeoh)”

Variety: “the film is every bit as exciting in the way it takes an ethnic group that is seldom given more than one or two supporting roles per movie and populates an entire blockbuster with memorable, multidimensional Asian characters.”

Movie Web: “Crazy Rich Asians sets a high bar in the romantic comedy genre.”

Vanity Fair: “a fairy-tale romp full of direct Cinderella references that has some muddied messaging about wealth. Mostly, it just whisks us away on a whirlwind tour of an almost fantastical world. Crazy Rich Asians is breathless fun—rather weightless, too.”

Hollywood Reporter: “The comedy is one part Meet the Parents, two parts Cinderella story, with those familiar elements reinvigorated by the fresh setting of upscale Singapore, with its architectural splendors embracing both colonial history and imposing modernist forms.” ”  it’s one of the more impressive and smart rom-com climaxes I’ve seen, as full-hearted as it is smart.”

Crazy Rich Asians is released in the UK on the 2nd November. 


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