Maggie Harcourt’s latest book is the perfect young adult read for those who love the theatre or dream of working in the industry. 


Giving a detailed insight into the way in which theatre works behind the scenes with a hint of young romance, Maggie Harcourt’s latest novel doesn’t fail to charm or engage the reader from beginning to end.

The story centres around Hope, someone who dreams of being part of stage management in the theatre industry one day and seems to get her lucky break as an intern working on a major new production. But as well as the chaos and technicality behind the stage, Hope has to deal with a few dramas away from the stage as well.

Written with great technical detail, Maggie Harcourt gives a great insight into the world of theatre, highlighting the hard work that goes on back stage seen through the eyes of an immensely likeable and relatable Hope. But as well as being a love letter to the theatre, it is also a great coming-of-age story that captures perfectly the moment in which Hope begins to understand herself and what she wants out of life better.

But around Hope, there is a great number of characters around her that perhaps those who work in the theatre industry will recognise as someone they have worked with. From the uptight and self-centred lead actor Tommy,  the sweet understudy Luke who just wants to get his performance right (and who Hope takes a shine to) all the way through to Hope’s friend George who is solid and dependable – all of the characters have a strong presence and role in the story – whether it is getting Hope into or out of several scrapes.

It has to be said though the way in which Hope gushes over Luke can at times get a little carried away and distracting at times – but there is no denying that it is heartfelt and honest. The story also could have added more into Hope’s relationship with her mother particularly when it is revealed what Hope has been up to – just to add more depth and understanding of her background and relationship with her family.

But throughout, Theatrical is engaging and relatable -particularly for those who are trying to find their place in the world. It is also a book that is warmly entertaining and enjoyable to read, thanks to its consistent sincerity as well as the clear passion and vividness that Maggie Harcourt has created in terms of the theatre and the types of people you find involved within the industry. A book worth reading for those who dream of working in the theatre.

By Emma Clarendon 

Theatrical is available to buy through Amazon now.