Love London Love Culture’s Favourite Madonna Songs

As the singer turns 60, Love London Love Culture’s Emma Clarendon picks her favourite five songs by the singer…

5. Like a Prayer – despite the sadness and despair that seeps out through the majority of the video for it, this song is surprisingly uplifting and instantly recognisable by the haunting and sincere way in which Madonna sings it. Like a Prayer is certainly the song of Madonna’s that I’m most likely to be caught humming or singing along to.

4. Music – with every decade that she has been in the business, Madonna has almost seamlessly adapted her style for new audiences and this was a favourite song when I was at school as was the album ‘Music’ itself. The album featured a wide variety of songs including a bit of country with a contemporary twist that made this an enjoyable album to listen to.

3. Into the Groove – if ever a Madonna song was to get you up, dancing and in the mood for a girl’s night out then this is it. Fun, playful with a catchy beat, you are guaranteed to know all the words whether you wanted to or not. Definitely a classic Madonna song!

2. Don’t Tell Me – as I mentioned earlier, the music on the album ‘Music’ has a great variety of songs on it and once again proved just how Madonna is able to transform her image and move with the times with ease. Don’t Tell Me is another favourite song on the album because everything about it is easy going and cool – it feels like a combination of an 80’s song combined with country with a twist making it ultimately a unique track.

1. Holiday – it was a genius idea to title the song ‘Holiday’ as for decades it has become a sort of anthem to get those going away on holiday in the mood for their break away (me included!). It is a feel-good song that shows Madonna just having fun and in turn it makes you want to have fun too.



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