Review Round Up: Pretty Woman, Nederlander Theatre, Broadway

This latest musical featured highly on LLLC’s six musicals that need to come to London list  – so here’s what the critics have been making of it… “The result is frothy and fun, with moments of real loveliness — as long as you’re not looking for any kind of grounding in reality.”

The Guardian: * “The Pretty Woman musical, directed by Jerry Marshall is cheap, too, a perilous and revealing choice as the original film is, at its best, cutesified affluence porn.”

Variety: “Jerry Mitchell and team toss a decided gloss over this G-rated version of Hollywood nights, with production numbers and ensemble acting executed with exaggerated musical-comedy snap.”

The Telegraph: **** “The romcom that catapulted Julia Roberts to stardom in 1990 has been repurposed for the stage in a joyous production that should do the same for the career of British actress Samantha Barks.”

Hollywood Reporter: “Most of the songs, however, are tunefully easy on the ear and skillful enough at exploring the characters’ feelings. The best are Vivian and Edward’s respective establishing numbers, “Anywhere But Here” and “Something About Her,” as well as Vivian’s melancholy confessional “This Is My Life.” ”

The Stage: **** “Jerry Mitchell’s peppy production is propelled by the sheer professionalism of its delivery, the attractive soft-rock songs of Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance, and the chemistry of its leads.”

New York Times: “Its creators have hewed suffocatingly close to the film’s story, gags and dialogue.” ” It’s the kind of lifeless clunker that makes your heart go out to its actors, who are hooked up like defibrillators to a body that, no matter how much energy they pump into it, can’t be revived.”
Time Out: ** “although it is capably staged, the show has no reason to exist beyond, one assumes, a desire to make money by pimping out a familiar property. Broadway can do better than the same old tricks. ” 
The Washington Post: “The takeaway on evenings like this one is that great musicals are born in a brain, not a box office.”
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