REVIEW: The Greek Escape by Karen Swan

Karen Swan’s latest book is filled with plenty of glamour and intrigue with a hint of romance to create a story which simmers with tension throughout. 

The Greek Escape

For anyone looking for an easy going but intriguing story that combines tragedy, heartache and corruption in one book could do a lot worse than reading this entertaining new novel from Karen Swan.

Chloe has moved away from her family and friends in the UK to New York to focus on her career. But soon tragedy occurs that finds her drawn into a darker world filled with corruption – not helped by the arrival of her ex-boyfriend and new client Joe who might not be all he seems.

Once the story settles and gradually unfolds, it is as engaging as it is entertaining – but the first few chapters are predominantly concerned with the luxurious nature of Chloe’s job and the clients she looks after in her concierge role. This does become slightly repetitive after a while, but Swan develops the story further to create a slow-burning examination about the dark side to glamour and wealth.

While initially it is a luxurious and light-hearted to begin with, Swan ably transforms it into a darker (but no less entertaining) novel following a serious accident involving one of Chloe’s work colleagues that initially doesn’t appear to have much impact on the story as a whole but is beautifully brought into play in the centre of the book. It also covers topics such as domestic violence, toxic relationships and corruption that are handled with great delicacy by the author.

It is a story that has been carefully thought out, allowing the reader to get to know and understand many of the key characters and their motivations at the right moments (of course holding out on key information about the shadier personalities until the climatic moments) – keeping the reader thoroughly engaged with the plot. But it also keeps you guessing – particularly with regards to Chloe’s ex  – is he genuine or is he after something?

In short, The Greek Escape has plenty to offer the reader in terms of a great summer beach read – particularly for those who want to sink their teeth into something that isn’t purely romance related with just a hint of dark undertones that keep you engaged from beginning to end.

By Emma Clarendon 

The Greek Escape is available to buy now

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


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