The popular musical is returning to The Other Palace and Love London Love Culture’s attended its launch. Here’s a few reasons why you should book a ticket…


1. The music and songs: Eugenius! is a musical which really speaks to the heart thanks to songs such as ‘Don’t Shoot for the Stars’  or ‘The Future is Bright’ for example. It is songs like these that celebrate our differences and how we should follow our dreams – even if not everyone understands why we want to pursue what we want to. All of the songs have a great cheesy appeal about them, with undertones of the 1980’s vibes that run throughout the show – what’s not to love about the music?

2. The 1980’s references/theme: if you grew up in the 1980’s or simply love that decade – then you will almost certainly adore the numerous references to the popular culture of that decade which crop up unexpectedly – adding to the nostalgic appeal of the musical.


3. The cast’s energy and enthusiasm: while there is a mixture of returning cast members and new additions, there is no denying that this is a cast who clearly enjoy being a part of this production as their performances of some of the songs at the musical’s launch proved (check out Love London Love Culture’s videos on the Facebook page to see more). It is clear that they are all set to make the audience have as much fun as possible. Keep an eye out in particular for Rob Houchen (Eugene), Laura Baldwin (Janey) and Daniel Buckley (Feris) as the three central characters!

4. It’s strong, celebratory message: if you are feeling down and uncertain about your life – then this is a musical that will certainly teach you to embrace every part of who you are! When life is perhaps not going your way, Eugenius! certainly shows it is possible to pick yourself up and move forward while ensuring that you stay true to yourself. It is genuinely heart warming and completely relatable throughout.

5. It is a genuine and big hearted piece of entertainment: given the big following it has on social media, which has embraced Eugenius! from the very start, there is no denying that this is a show designed to entertain and be warmly embraced no matter what your background is. It has a great sense of humour and never truly takes itself seriously – so it is a real joy and pleasure to see it return to The Other Palace.

Eugenius! will play at The Other Palace from the 1st September until the 7th October. To book tickets click here or visit: TicketsEncore TicketsFrom the Box OfficeLove or Theatre Tickets