NEWS: Cast Announced for The Wider Earth

Playing at the Natural History Museum from the 2nd October, casting has been confirmed for the European premiere of The Wider Earth. 

Cast of The Wider Earth at the Natural History Museum (courtesy of The Trustees of the Natural History Museum) (1).jpg
Image courtesy of the Trustees of the Natural History Museum. 

It has been confirmed that the cast for the production is set to include Ian Houghton, Andrew Bridgmont and Matt Tait, all of whom have starred in War Horse. They will be joined by Bradley Foster, Jack ParryJones, Marcello Cruz, Melissa Vaughan , Rory Fairbairn and Kim Scopes.

Written and directed by Dead Puppet Society’s Creative Director David Morton, The Wider Earth was initially conceived in 2013 in Cape Town during a mentorship with Handspring Puppet Company, the creative team behind War Horse.

The production explores the little-known story of the rebellious young Charles Darwin when, aged only 22, he set out on his daring five-year voyage on the HMS Beagle. When he departed, he could not have known that that this trip would help him reach controversial conclusions about natural selection and lead to his theory of evolution. The Wider Earth follows Darwin’s expedition as uncharted landscapes unfold in a series of dazzling animations and original illustrations from the voyage.

As well as the cast, The Wider Earth features thirty puppets that represent the tropical wildlife Darwin encountered on his voyage.

The play will be staged in a specially made theatre, the first ever to be built at the Natural History Museum. It will allow audiences to enter the museum after dark to pass the cutting-edge Darwin Centre, a working scientific laboratory full of zoological specimens including those collected by Darwin on his voyage.

The Wider Earth will feature designs by David Morton and Aaron Barton, projection design by Justin Harrison, sound design by Tony Brumpton and is produced by Trish Wadley Productions, Dead Puppet Society and Glass Half Full Productions.

The Wider Earth will play at the Natural History Museum from the 2nd October until the 30th December. For more information and to book tickets visit:


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