Inside the Rehearsals of… 4.48 Psychosis, New Diorama Theatre

Rehearsal images have been released for Deafinitely Theatre’s upcoming production of 4.48 Psychosis, playing at the New Diorama Theatre from the 18th September. Here’s a glimpse of what has been happening…

4.48 Psychosis. Adam Bassett. Credit - Becky Bailey.JPG
(c)Becky Bailey. 

“I had a night in which everything was revealed to me. How can I speak again?”

The early hours of the morning. You’re alone, with only your thoughts. How did you get here? And how do you get out? Sarah Kane’s searing, final play in a ground-breaking new production from Deafinitely Theatre.

4.48 Psychosis. Brian Duffy, Jim Fish, Adam Bassett, Matt Kyle & Paula Garfield. Credit - Becky Bailey
(c) Becky Bailey. 

Directed by Artistic Director of Deafinitely Theatre, Paula Garfield, 4.48 Psychosis is Sarah Kane’s lyrical and haunting final play about mental health and will be brought to life using Deafinitely Theatre’s bilingual approach.

The production is set to star Adam Bassett, Brian Duffy, Jim Fish and Matt Kyle. It will play at the New Diorama Theatre from the 18th September until the 13th October, before touring to Derby Theatre on the 19th and 20th October.

4.48 Psychosis. Jim Fish, Brian Duffy, Matt Kyle & Adam Bassett. Credit - Becky Bailey 1
(c)Becky Bailey. 

4.48 Psychosis will feature designs by Paul Burgess, lighting by Joe Hornsby, composition & sound design by Chris Bartholomew, Visual Consultant Alim Jayda and voice coach Elspeth Morris.

The production is performed in British Sign Language and spoken English for the very first time. In addition to the show, Deafinitely Theatre will run a training and education programme to accompany the production, including post show talks, panel discussions and access to additional resources.

4.48 Psychosis. Matt Kyle, Adam Bassett, Jim Fish & Brian Duffy. Credit - Becky Bailey.JPG
(c) Becky Bailey. 

4.48 Psychosis will play at the New Diorama Theatre from the 18th September until the 13th October. For more information visit:


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