NEWS: Funicular Productions Announce Journey To The Underworld Experience

Funicular Productions invite Londoners to experience their latest theatrical and dining experience open from the 28th September. 

Departing at Pedley Street Station, Funicular Productions present a new experience that includes the greatest love story never told where fear, fantasy, danger and lust intertwine in a dark and romantic fairytale.

Guests will join Claude, the shackled conductor, and his lowly assistant Gordy, on a quest for absolution, redemption and eternal love that will take them all the way to the Underworld. Along the way, guests will do their best to outwit the seductive Gatekeeper, the hunched Harbinger, and the damnable Dark One, all the while praying that this isn’t a one-way ticket.

As guests board the luxury train, they will be treated to a meal that is suitable for the Prince of Darkness and curated by 2017 MasterChef The Professionals finalist Louisa Ellis.

The chef is best known for her  intense and creative flavours and this three course menu she has created for the experience is  fit for all dietary requirements to tie in with the theatrical narrative.

Funicular Productions are well known for their immersive experiences. The company was  co-founded by entrepreneur, actor and scriptwriter Craig Wilkinson and production director Ed Borgnis and  boasts years of experience bringing events and theatre to life all over the world. Their first experience within Pedley Street Station The Murdér Express, an immersive twist on a murder mystery set in the early 20th Century, saw sold out shows.

Journey to the Underworld will open on the 28th September and will run until the 7th November. For more information visit:

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