Review Round Up: I Object, British Museum

The British Museum’s latest exhibition explores what the  protestors think history is and who actually decides what history is through a series of objects selected by  Private Eye Editor Ian Hislop. Here’s what critics have said about the exhibition….

The Guardian: ** “Keeping it funny would have been a good idea. The history of satire, which Private Eye is part of, is worth telling. Instead, this exhibition invents an aspect of human nature that does not exist.”

The Independent: “If Hislop’s show has a theme, or a point to prove, it is a small but important one – that he and the modern band of satirists, who’ve enjoyed waves of successes and celebrity since the 1960s, are far from the first to make mischief.”

Time Out: *** ” A thorough rummage through the museum’s storage boxes has enabled Hislop to dredge up a varied – and often individually fascinating – collection of objects all based on the age-old urge to fight the powers that be.”

The Telegraph: *** “most protesting art has been so discreet and heavily coded that its traces are barely discernible to the untrained eye and tend to require a veritable wall-full of contextual information to make sense of.”

Evening Standard: *** “The real strength of the show is that it’s curated by Hislop. His impish presence is everywhere. Best not look for too much thematic consistency: just go with the flow, enjoy the remarkable collection of exhibits and his mordant observations on them. He is the best company you could have.”

The Times: ***** “Hislop’s show of historical dissent is a rare delight.”

I Object is on display at the British Museum until the 20th January 2019. For more information visit:


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