Vinay Patel’s latest play is directed by  Bush Artistic Director, Madani Younis and stars Nila Aalia, Aysha Kala and Shubham Saraf. Here, Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews… 


The Guardian: ** “There are moments of humour in this epic script about family, migration, prejudice and political betrayal, but levity is not enough to give the story emotional charge and narrative pace.”

WhatsOnStage: **** “After a blistering first act, the play’s horizons shrink and its pace slows, just as ours do in life. It does, however, mean the drama drags and as Patel insists on give these stories their due space, he slips into self-indulgence.”

The Upcoming: *** “One of the most refreshing things about the production is that it’s a non-period period play. It may cover the best part of a lifetime, but those scenes in 1954-1959 and 1968-1977 are just as contemporary – especially in their humour – as the ones in 2018.” 

The Stage: **** “Director Madani Younis allows each sequence to unfold at a leisurely, almost dreamlike pace, yet peppers the production with resonant details and evocative images.”

Evening Standard: **** “The result is a running time over three hours and a sense of luxuriating in the more dreamlike moments. This can feel indulgent, yet the performances are finely detailed, and Patel combines a gift for creating complex characters with a piercing emotional intelligence.”

An Adventure continues to play at the Bush Theatre until the 20th October. For more information visit:


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