Review Round Up: Wasted, Southwark Playhouse

Adam Lenson directs Natasha Barnes in this new rock musical about the Brontës. Here, Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews… 


The Stage: *** “While it doesn’t always work, and it’s freeform almost to a fault, musical theatre in this country isn’t often allowed to experiment with form and scale like this – and when it does, it rarely makes it to the stage. So it’s brilliant to see something so brash and bizarre, existing completely on its own terms.”

Broadway World: **** “Essentially, Wasted is an anthem of independence and creativity while simultaneously pays its humble respects to struggle and hard times.”

London Theatre1: *** “The show is never disrespectful, let alone offensive, portraying the Brontës as bold and assertive. It is a pity that the songs, well-performed by a strong cast as they are, are ultimately unmemorable.”

The Times: * “A musical about the Brontës makes its point — that they were rock stars who dared to dream — with thudding regularity. It’s a first and hopefully a last.”

The Reviews Hub: **** “The songs give the show a thrilling energy and even if this is not yet a fully-formed musical, it is certainly not an evening wasted.”

The Guardian: **** “Despite its length (three hours, with perhaps a few too many songs) and a pile-up of sibling deaths at the end, Wasted manages to be a lot of fun and gives the Brontë legend a mischievous new spin.”

Time Out: *** “Too long and yet crammed edge-to-edge with hilarity, shouting and big fat guitar riffs, ‘Wasted’ isn’t for literary types or anyone who likes nuance in their theatre. But if Victoriana and ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ are up your street, you might have found your play.”

Wasted continues to play at the Southwark Playhouse until the 6th October. For more information visit:


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